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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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One of the greatest advantages of being a physics student at UT Austin is the university’s abundant research opportunities, from faculty labs to freshman-oriented programs like the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI). In this guide, we explain the basics of several such avenues into research and how to get involved in them.


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Programming is a (perhaps surprisingly) vital and ubiquitous skill for physicists and physics students alike. You will find use for coding skills in your research, assignments, and lab courses as students are frequently asked to model, graph, and analyze data. In this guide we offer a synopsis of your options for learning to program: languages, modes of instruction, and resources are described inside.

Degree Plans

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UT Austin offers several different tracks for your physics degree, each tailored to help you focus in on different areas of the field. In this guide, we help you begin to distinguish between the different plans and determine which one best suits you.


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What jobs can I do with my degree? Where do I go when I graduate? Who needs physicists? These stressful and looming questions can be hard to face up to and try to answer. Fortunately, in this guide, we have compiled information and resources about career options for physics degree-holders to help you understand your options.


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Community is important to the undergraduate experience and finding a healthy academic balance. Spending time with your peers can make even the difficult days easier. Find a physics, math, or astronomy group that works for you and have fun!

Course Materials

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Physics can be difficult, but it is a lot easier when you find the right materials to help! Explore the different options for supplemental learning materials for different classes and subjects.

Student Testimonial and Advice

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What better way is there to learn about what’s in store for you as a physics major than to hear the best advice and insights of other students, physics faculty, and alumni? In this guide, we have compiled testimonies to help you get comfortable and navigate your undergraduate years with the wisdom of those who’ve come before you.

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